At the Top of The Great Wall, Melania Turns and Does Something That Will Make Americans Cheer


First Lady Melania Trump continued her solo segment of the Asia trip with a stop at the Beijing Zoo and the Great Wall of China.

Melania climbed the wall on this brisk morning with several of her Chinese hosts and many reporters and photographers.

CNN caught up with her and asked her to comment on how she is feeling just one year into the Presidency as First Lady. Her answer stunned the world.

“Well, it’s my honor to be the First Lady of the United States.”

Wow! This is incredible. Melania is so quiet but now we know how she really feels!

“It was a very busy year and we love to live in Washington. It’s a very busy life and very exciting, as well. And I’m looking forward to working on behalf of the children.”

The reporter then asked her about any frustrations she has had.

“It’s a very exciting life and it’s a lot of things that you need to take care of; a lot of responsibilities. But it’s just part of being a First Lady.”

Can we get 100,000 SHARES for our beloved First Lady?


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